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Our Technology Is Transforming How Cargo Claims Are Handled

With our AI-driven platform, handling cargo claims just got much easier, faster and more efficient. Our cutting-edge product is based on 7 patent-pending algorithms, inspired & verified by decades of hands-on experience with data science, maritime and other shipping methods.

It’s the first technology of its kind to provide claims analysis based entirely on real-time data & AI, providing unmatched speed without compromising accuracy, the ability to back each conclusion by facts, and streamline the entire claims handling process.

By reducing clients-facing claims friction to a minimum, our product dramatically improves customers’ experience and supporting quick claims settlement, thus cutting costs & claims uncertainty.

Quick results, without compromising accuracy

In less than 2 seconds, our platform generates a highly accurate, full cargo survey report for a specific container of your choice. The report immediately indicates whether a loss occurred, where it occurred, what caused the damage and who is the liable party.

This streamlined process is quick and efficient, dramatically improving, and cutting costs for, the entire claim process – from the moment the claim is notified up to & including recovery/subrogation proceedings.

The Power of Data

The logistics & insurance ecosystems are overflowing with data, but data alone is insufficient to generate true insights. TrueNorth’s platform effectively harnesses the trillions of datapoints, transforming them into a tool that provides actionable conclusions, better client experience, fewer costs and greater certainty.

Adding value to our clients - and the global shipping industry

Our innovative technology is vastly improving how cargo claims are handled today while overhauling a centuries-old industry in the process.
Check out benefits our cargo claims management system provides:

Cut claims handling time by more than 95%, without leaving your desk.

With our product, you can get a full survey report in less than 2 seconds and from the comfort of your desk - instead of having a surveyor physically inspecting the container on-site.

Pinpoints where loss occurred

Using GPS-based real-time where available or carriers’ own voyage routing information, our clients , you can now very accurately pinpoint the exact location of where each loss occurred, thereby correctly identifying the party liable for the loss. This makes recovery/subrogation litigation processes much more targeted, facts-supported and focused, substantially increasing the likelihood of a successful recovery, and the amount that could potentially be recovered.

Highly accurate assessment of the loss & extent of damage

The speed of generating the analysis does not compromise its accuracy. Our analyses are >90% accurate in correctly determining whether a loss really occurred, flagging potential frauds, as well as identifying the cause of loss. Our platform can also assess what is the extent of the damage the container sustained (i.e., what percentage of the cargo was damaged), correctly estimating the extent of loss with a margin of error of only ±10%. Plus, with an online connection to real-time commodity prices, the platform immediately calculates the loss’ value, reducing uncertainty related to potential adverse claim development.

Loss surveys that rely on real-time facts, not post-damage guesstimates

Our platform relies on real-time data gathered by sensors, applied to cutting edge algorithms. This means that our analyses are based on what actually happened during the voyage rather estimates and assumptions generated by inspecting the loss after it occurred.


TrueNorth is backed by Kamet Ventures.

Working with us is quick & easy

Our product does not require any specialty equipment beyond what is normally found on containers, such as the sensors installed in reefers, or even portable loggers. Further, as we have a unique expertise in working with small data sets, we can establish a proof of concepts within 2-3 weeks, without the need for massive data.

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