A new way to predict and analyze cargo damage

TrueNorth: An intelligent, data-driven solution for global shipping & logistics companies and cargo owners

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The best solution for your cargo needs

Cargo losses are expensive and frustrating, resulting in business interruptions and complicated investigations. Take the reins on claims analysis and loss prediction with TrueNorth

Cutting-edge loss survey technology

Highly Accurate Cargo Insights

TrueNorth’s AI and machine-learning algorithms assess damage to the cargo in order to pinpoint loss and accurately assign liability. All in less than 2 seconds.
Data that predicts

Loss Prediction You Can Count On

With its 7 patent-pending algorithms, the TrueNorth platform can generate highly accurate cargo predictions on a specific container of your choice.
Pre-, post-, and real-time analysis

With You, the Entire

TrueNorth’s smart platform analyzes cargo from the moment it’s packed to the second it arrives at its destination.
How it works?

Cargo, Meet AI

A better way to handle claims analysis and loss prediction in just 3 simple steps: 
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    Ship Items Normally
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    Transmit Sensors Data
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