Predictive Alerting

Next-Gen, Predictive Alerts. Data-Driven Results

Forget about endless, irrelevant notifications that eventually only serve as white noise. Our algorithm-driven, machine learning platform roots out the redundancies so you're left with only predictive loss alerts that matter most.

Predict Damage in Advance
Damage in transit can happen. We get it. But wouldn’t you rather know about the extent of the damage before the container arrives? Discover losses as they occur--not weeks afterward.
Real Alerts Only
Instead of basing alerts on threshold monitoring only, we utilize our AI-enabled platform to understand a wide range of variables specific to your shipments
Prevent Unnecessary Losses
Losses aggravate clients and negatively impact your bottom line. Our monitoring of shipping instructions dramatically cuts down cargo losses.
You’re Only Notified When Loss Happens
With TrueNorth, you won’t have to worry about receiving unnecessary alerts. We’ll only notify you when a loss is probable.
Case Study

Accurate Alerts, As They Occur

In this voyage, the first alert that damage had occurred was sent 23 days prior to the end of the voyage. The TrueNorth model predicted the extent of loss to be 98%. This proved to be very accurate, as 100% of the cargo had been damaged.
Case Study

Only the Notifications That Matter

A cargo of bananas remained above the reefer’s set point for a voyage. TrueNorth predicted that the probability of loss happening was very low, so it did not send out an alert. This turned out to be correct as no damage had occurred.
Case Study

Algorithms That Correctly Anticipate

In this voyage, temperatures fluctuated above and below the setpoint. However, TrueNorth’s algorithms still predicted a low risk for loss and no alert was sent. Again, the cargo had arrived safely without any damage.

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