Claims Analysis

A "black box" for your claims analysis needs

From the time it takes to investigate post-fact loss assessment to the inefficiency of paper-based processes, cargo losses cost shippers billions of dollars annually. TrueNorth’s intelligent solution streamlines and automates the claims analysis process.

Survey Claims in Seconds

TrueNorth’s platform can quickly, automatically, and securely analyze sensor data, allowing you to remotely access a full report from your desktop or mobile. Our algorithm can also assist with data analysis. Instead of only looking at return temperatures, we can examine all factors within nanoseconds, making the examination process significantly more cost-effective.

Pinpoint the Liable Party

If damage occurs, you need to know who caused it. TrueNorth’s attribution table precisely assigns liability, so you know exactly who’s responsible for the loss.

Instant Voyage Overview, At a Glance

Standard voyage events are highlighted and analyzed in a graphic display, giving you an instant understanding of key developments. The trip intelligence you need, immediately.

Detailed Insights That Matter

Our platform interprets raw data to provide insights on everything from cargo sensitivity to whether the container was in motion during stuffing.

Transparency of Every Container

You’ll be able to access an endless amount of voyage sensor data, from cargo and door activity, to container motion and cargo fragility. We can even review the packing set points and alert you to possible errors in packing, saving you time and aggravation before the voyage even begins.

Calculate Liability Limits With Ease

TrueNorth’s liability calculator makes it easy to appraise the percentage that the other party is responsible for. It automatically takes relevant details of the damage and provides calculations that are extracted from the bill of lading, no manual entries necessary.

Shareable Data, At Your Fingertips

With our analysis sharing option, data insights can be shared externally and immediately with whomever you want, whether that be surveyors, lawyers, or other team members.

Upload With Confidence

With the supporting materials section, you can automatically upload photos and documents to the cloud, knowing that they’re stored with the highest security protocols in place.

Get Started With TrueNorth

Are you ready to change the face of claims analysis with TrueNorth? Join us in leveraging intelligent data analysis and automation to revolutionise the global shipping and insurance industries